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Oh, Hello! [May. 14th, 2011|11:11 pm]


Hello, world! 

Penguicon 2012 is alive!  We are working diligently behind the scenes - right now - shoving many loaves of awesome into our penguin-oven of win. 

Here are some key points detailing our present activity:

  • Revamping the website.
    • We're very excited to be moving to a new CMS this year - and with that, we'll have a brand-spanking-new design.  We hope to roll penguicon.org into the future within the next couple weeks. 
  • Scheduling the Hand-off/wrap-up meeting! 
    • The 2012 conchair has been questioned by a huge number of people on when this will occur - do not panic, we have not forgotten - but he does not have a solid date for you yet.  The respective schedules of your future ConCom members have had difficulty coalescing into consensus, and it looks like we may all by busy until mid-June.  Tentatively mark your calendars for some time around June 18.  Do not carve it in stone! 

Trevor(the 2012 conchair) looks forward to providing you with many blog updates to come!  Right now, however, it's back to taping bricks on the gas pedal that drives this Party Bus. 

fortune of the day:
The more you complain, the longer God lets you live. (taken from slashdot.org, 5/14/2011)